Saturday, August 20, 2011


Cross posted from my deviant art, if I'm using the term correctly. I love sci fi and i fell in love with vegas. Why not mix them? I'm starting to think about the possibility of doing a film thats perhaps... more goofy and fun, while still pushing my skills to their limits and maxing out production quality. I already did a film about a lone female warrior struggling to survive a harsh environment, perhaps I can come back to it later. I guess I'm mulling things. I like what I have so far for my sci fi film and where my Eva designs have gone, but something about the film as it stands feels like it will be very laborious, whereas when I picture a sci fi film that takes place on a space elevator and casino as it rises up into the cosmos I am flush with ideas that would mix good character development with quirky plot possibilities and stunning visuals that are also fun to do. I was intensely passionate about finishing Klare two years ago, if I'm going to put the time and tears into another 5-10 minute film, I have to be just as passionate about doing it or the project will crush me as I pressure myself never to leave any project unfinished. Decisions decisions.

Would YOU like to see a film that takes place in this casino elevator to the stars?

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