Saturday, November 20, 2010


Warner Brothers Animation Studios hired me for their show on cartoon network, "MAD".

I start after thanksgiving.

Bruce Timm walked through the door as I was waiting in the lobby for my interview.


  1. Hey Drew,

    I'm the writer of Things To Do In LA, I respect your comments, but I still stand by mine.

    I'm glad to hear you were hired by Warner Bros Animation, may I ask why the switch if Titmouse is so nice? Also sad to say I hate Mad as well, I like some of it's shorts for there different animation techniques, but the writing simply doesn't work. It tries to be disgusting and tween oriented.

    Is Bruce Timm a producer on it? Wow that sucks.

    Anyway I'd like to interview you via e-mail about your career and what it's been like working in LA these last three years.

    I really would like to know the other animation houses you worked at.

    shoot me a line a

  2. Work is work man. Anytime I see a cartoon that doesn't appeal to me I say "at least some animators got work." Don't think I'm really up for an interview, but you keep doin you I suppose, and good luck with things.

  3. Awesome dude and your right work is work. I would be an animator for hello kitty fun time if it meant I could buy food.