Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Been working on finishing my new demo reel and homework for Concept Design Academy.  The teachers here are multidecade industry badasses, so I'm getting my moneys worth.  I'm taking sketching for environment, which is teaching me how to plan out and render backgrounds for film and animation.  It's a great intro class and I'm pushing myself on homework as much as I can.  I'm cleaning up and trying to get at least one possible portfolio piece out of each assignment.

We're not even supposed to be rendering right now.  All line work.  I couldn't help but add 2 tones to help the mood of the piece.  Bellow is a cleaned up photoshop sketch of a smaller sketch I did while our class took a field trip downtown to the Bradbury Building, which was used in the filming of Blade Runner.  Needless to say, the place has too much detail to ever fully render. 

These are 5 minute or less thumbnails I did on site.  Pretty much 1-2 inches wide each of these.  Part of our homework was to pick one of them to take home, blow up, and do a larger version of.  I picked the one that would make my life the most difficult.

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