Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Metalocalypse

Well new episodes are airing.  Soon enough I'll be able to put my new demo reel on the internet.  Here's a video I never linked to that I'm throwing up here since I haven't updated in a bit.  They gave me this entire opening hoverdrum action sequence to animate and then at the end have a montage of clips from the rest of the new episodes to get fans juiced.



  1. Hey dude nice to see your still alive! your animation is still as brutal as ever! I know some ideas you can use, like tying someone to a torture wheel of doom and smashing there limbs with a hammer (ouch) I kinda gave up on art right now and started gaming and writing reviews for my blog now. Since I haven't made much progress in improvement.

  2. Good to hear from you man. Sorry I've been sporadic lately. Trying to keep online presence alive. Best of luck with reviews! Have you heard of "Zero Punctuation"? Its pretty much hilarious simple animation and biting game reviews rolled into one.