Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sat down last few days and worked on a new model for Carl and I's little project.  Began with a silhouette focused lineup and felt out different ideas till I came to one I enjoyed and that Carl liked as well.  Next step was to do some angles and get the model down so here are the first two I've done.  Figuring I may as well do a few more while I still have some time off and am not freelancing or nothing.  Pretty happy with the back shot.  I hate having girls pose for the audience, but I have to bust out of my shell a little bit and show some femininity here n there I suppose.  With the body suit and the equipment, if I don't give her some curve, the only way you'd know shes female is her boobs, and I don't want to use that as a crutch.  Here's to expanding a little bit.  

I wasn't happy with what I did back in November, and I was sick, so the model just felt bland.  I wanted to add intrigue without getting insanely impractical with bulky equipment.  She has an H20 system on the back of her tactical vest that converts little globes of water into breathable oxygen, as I randomly decided her environment doesn't support that.  I'll be animating her exhales bursting out of the two vents in the front cylindrical mouthpiece, which will be super fun.  This will be a fun and challenging character to keep on model.

Happy New Year!


  1. I was wondering what the orbs were all about, thats an awesome idea.

  2. I basically decided the environment shes in doesn't support whatever she breathes. It's all fiction so whatever. Basically she has an H2O conversion device. The water orbs are converted to oxygen for her to breathe through her mask. Pseudo science explanation and wham, something that makes her silhouette more interesting. Thanks :)