Monday, November 2, 2009

First Blood

I'm choosing Minima Black as my layout because I find it to be the least used on blogspot and I want to stand out as an artist, which begins with using templates created by strangers. That opening sentence ought to set the tone for the birthing of this brand new blog, ready to take on the internet and catalyze change. The only way to do that is to post sketches, concept work, and progress renders from animation projects. Let's begin.

I'm working on a one shot project with a fellow Scad grad, ex roommate, blogspotter, and good friend: Carl. It's set up to be about a ten second fly through of a highly detailed environment, beginning at the location of a flash animated character, zooming out to the location of a second character, to be animated out of photoshop layers. The goal is to maximize production value, detail, and "wow" factor in the span of a single shot. This allows us to focus all our energy on that one shot, and make it as sweet as we can. It will be a good measuring stick to see where our respective skills lie.

These were some early sketches for an adventure woman type character. By the way, if you're looking for drawings of insanely curvy women striking exotic poses and always winking at the viewer, look somewhere else, where millions of those girls are drawn daily. My women have shit to do. They don't pose for anyone.

There's plenty wrong with the drawing, but it's time to move forward and lock her down in flash, where some issues like my overzealous approach to cloth ripples can be easily solved. The pose isn't anything to write home about, I basically just wanted her arms out so I could lock down her outfit. It's a pose you might strike when a tailor is getting your waist measurements, and all of a sudden a tiger barges through the door and begins tearing through the men's overcoat section. That "getting ready to leave" pose.

Ink pass. When I animate, I like clean lines. They make me happy.

First color pass and where I am currently with the character. Carl's looking for a more rusty copper-toned spyglass and I'm going to do a look at some other colors just creeping outside of the earth-tone gallery. Color correction on the animation in after effects will determine her final look anyways.

That oughta do for my first post. In the word's of Peter Griffin, one of those obscure Family Guy quotes: "I'd like positive feedback only please." Just yucking, do as you will.

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