Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Huge Drawing Dump

What an appropriate title. So I'm all moved in. Finally have working internet. Finally uploading what I've been up to the last month. Seeing it all together makes me feel like I haven't completely stopped drawing. Think the new place is finally all settled, no more furniture purchases, craziness, or bug problems. Brief descriptions of what's here bellow:

Sketchpage from my sketchjams at work.  Ink pen and tone markers.

Sketchpage from work again, same materials.  Did red ink sketch then black ink overtop.

Sketching while at a Concept Design Academy lecture by Khang Le.

Random Sketchpage from home sketching.

Sketching during Khang Le's lecture.  He had some great tips!

Something I've started recently.  Probably 3 hours in.  I WILL FINISH THIS.

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  1. Still as good as ever dude! I also started my own portfolio, trying to get in the biz.