Friday, January 14, 2011

Eva Update.

Locking down her bodysuit for all scenes inside her ship.  Settling into her face and will probably draw it a bunch more before the model is fully settled in.  Toying with doing more than just black outline in some areas, but it will have to be really worth it as varying line color in the animation process can be a real cumbersome task. 

The fact that she is not buxom and attractive means I will have to put in double the effort to actually sell her character and personality.  I'm hesitant to show her character model around because I've noticed that everyone's first judgement is that she is not pretty.  Well send me the crap to hell for not giving her long hair, a huge rack, a stupid and impractical outfit, and a big dumb grin on her face while she's flying through the air killing robots.  Animation is plenty saturated with that shit already.  Maybe I'm being somewhat feminist about it but I'd like to do something different and honestly I've always found short hair and a mildly androgynous look very attractive.

Also been doing floorplans.  Not exciting but highly necessary for continuity and cohesiveness.


  1. I agree, stick to your guns dude. All these Gigantic breasted slutty looking women, really start to irritate me in anime type shows. That Ben 10 show seems like the only show on right now with realistic women.

  2. I really like her design. If I had one thing to knit pick on it would be her lower leg proportions compared to the rest of her body. They seem a bit short, especially in the side view. Other than that I can't really offer much more of a critique. I'd love to see more facial expressions. That one is pretty intense. I like it!