Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Alive.

Taking time to get my mental and physical health back up to where I want them.

Took a hot bath with the lights off, got my ears bellow water, and totally deprived my senses. Got many ideas.

Possibilities for my next short film:

Klare Project II : Klare continues her struggle to stay alive and perhaps comes upon a small community of entrenched survivors. Must brave social anxiety, fear of being overtaken upon approach, and accepting help when she's hit rock bottom.

Space Adventure: Adventure Girl character explores space on a high speed spaceship searching for any life and any civilization.

"Free Agent": I love football. I want to do a film showing the less glamorous lonely side of being a pro player getting shipped from city to city, living in hotels out of a suitcase, and trying desperately to make a teams roster.

I seem to lean towards stories of isolation and "only child" characters. But, I want to end on positive notes and hopefully inspire people to want to unplug and interact with their surroundings more, and not be so alone. Talk to strangers, take their headphones off, open up, even if it's to a therapist or a support group. Now that my thoughts are recorded, time to play L4D with the lovely Alex.


  1. I have a suggestion, I hope you don't mind: A lone paintball sniper stalking his prey. Dont know who you would could use for inspiration, but I have a feeling you could do something pretty sweet.

  2. I never mind suggestions. I know you'd LOVE to see some paintball animation ;) Right now I'm leaning towards my space film because space is awesome and I already have a character design I'd want to use. Thanks for commenting though! I may draw a sweet paintball sketch just for you sometime soon.

  3. Oh dang dude sorry I forgot I even had a blog since things got deleted and just now found it then I remembered yours lol. Also this sounds like a good idea!