Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mo Again Huey

Made a little splash of the first pose of my animation test.  As usual I had to go through all the steps of the pipeline for the first drawing to get a sense of what I want the finished product to look like.  Jeremy has recommended i do a bunch of very quick drawings to get the mechanics more, which I intend to do, but I gotta roll out this animation test as soon as possible, so that's priority one right now.  Learning on the go, flying by the seat of my pants!


  1. Nice, so you can learn any style by just sketching out their model constantly?

  2. I think any time you practice doing the same thing over and over, you naturally get better at it. Muscle memory is a powerful thing. I'd like to think I can tackle any style, I certainly don't know until I try. Thanks for stopping by the ol' sketch-blog!


  3. Np dude I'm a cartoonist/animator too. I want to improve so badly so i can work for adult swim some day with my own action/anime/western type show. Could you stop by my gallery and give me some advice? a friend told me to stop and to draw from real life for muscles and anatomy. But I'm thinking just find a style you like and try and mimick it into your own so it will help you improve.