Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Bridgeman

Two more pages of body study, with some limbs and a quickie i did of Alex while she was playing halflife 2. Next step is to work on faces, obviously. I have no real face style and I'm going to do a bunch of different head shapes and experiment with eyes and noses and mouths n such. Take a little influence from some of my peers and respected artists and see where I go on my own with the information. These scans are a little gamey because I'm in photoshop with a mouse on my old monitor, as i am hauling my cintiq in to work every day for a freelance gig this week at . Money. Think I may buy a new tower before the year is up so I can write it off on '09 taxes. Anyhow, enjoy, critique, suggest, whatever yall want. Hope everyones ready for a good holiday!

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